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Two women, from two different generations, with two separate insights, came together for one common mission - To provide a better beauty standard and make Pakistani women feel enough.

We pledged to create a space for women to celebrate themselves just as they are. For brown women to finally be able to redefine their own standards of beauty, all while gaining access to new age formulas that are kinder, compatible and effective for all skin. Made by Her, for Her.

  • Zainab Pasha

    "I love creating. I have spent two decades doing just that for the best global beauty brands…. It was time to give back – better ingredients, better formulas, more conscious imaging, and a higher purpose – a manifestation of better beauty period for my community."

  • Meraj Fatima

    "This is more than just a brand for me, it is a culmination of my passion for skincare, creativity and making a positive social impact. It was important for me to build a loving brand that consumers could connect with, where they felt represented and heard."



Inclusivity is at the root of everything we do.
We are committed to crushing beauty standards by providing genuine representation. Our products are for every skin, scalp, tone and texture. No babes left behind. We aim to celebrate you just as you are! Let's learn to be proud of the skin we’re in!



We've got the best in the biz just for you! After years of trials and testing, we have designed highly effective, multitasking blends for perfectly balanced and boosted skin. Our formulas are curated by mixing clinically proven actives with nature's most transformative ingredients. We are proud to give you science backed and dermatologically tested potent goodies that will do the trick AND be gentle enough to use daily too!



HER formulas are super clean and bio compatible with all skin types. We don't just claim it, we can back it up too; clinically tested, dermatologist approved, leaping bunny and vegan certified. Sounds pretty clean right? But wait there's more…. No parabens and sulfates are used, and we will never test on animals. Making us 100% cruelty and toxin free!
You’re safe with us. HER products are made from love, with love, just for you.



At HERbeauty we prioritize feeling beautiful above anything else. Self-care is the core of our brand as we believe beauty, taking care of yourself, and mental health are deeply connected. What may seem like a small step; Practicing acts of self- love, being kinder to yourself and your skin daily can pave the way to a healthier mind set. Together we will learn how to love ourselves, one affirmation, and one act of kindness at a time.



Life, like skin, isnt perfect, it's constantly changing. And that's just what we love about it.

HER is on a mission to support and uplift women through every phase of their lives; The good, the rough, and everything in between, we've got you through it all!
Everyone has a voice, and every voice deserves to be heard.

HerVoice is our wellness pledge to help people feel more connected and learn to celebrate each other in their trueset forms…. the humans behind the profiles.

We are committed to donating a % of all our sales towards funding mental health services to all across Pakistan.

For every purchase of HER products, you help someone get a step closer to feeling their best selves. Let's start the needed conversations, create space, and make a positive impact together.

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